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The turrets

[/vc_column_text] [Vc_single_image image = "8619" img_size = "full" alignment = "center"] [Vc_empty_space] [Vc_column_text] The cultural centre of the turrets welcomes you for various workshops and activities throughout the year. [/vc_column_text] [Vc_empty_space] [Vc_column_text]

Proposed activities at the turrets

[/vc_column_text] [Vc_empty_space height = "15px"] [Vc_column_text] Meridian Home Tuesday 11.30 am-1:30 pm Needles & Creations Sylvie Mahendru Tuesday 2pm-5pm English Isabelle MANEYROL Wednesday 18h3019h30 (beginners) 7:30-20:30 (confirmed) drums Laurent DOLNET Wednesday 10:45-7pm CAPOEIRA Éric PRIDO Wednesday 5.30 pm-6.30 pm Children 18h45-20h15 teens adult lyrical vocals Martine MARCH Monday 4.30-7pm Tuesday 13h-19h15 Chorale Anne FONTANA Wednesday 20h-9pm CIRQUE Jules GRANGE Saturday 10h-11am (4-6 years) 11am-12h (7ans +) family creation Sophie LACOSTE Wednesday 2.30 pm-4:30 pm CUISINE METS on Tuesday 10.30 am and Thursday 6.30 pm once a month drawing BD ILLUSTRATION Fabrice BARBE Friday 5pm-6.30 pm Drawing painting Gauthier Merry Saturday 10.30-12.30 djembe percussion Dominique DULUC Thursday 7pm-20h15 Writing Jean-Yves DROUILLARD Saturday 14h-17h Once a month children PARENTS Saturday 10.30 am-12h Spanish Wednesday 6.30 pm-7:30 pm (confirmed) 7:30 pm-8:30 pm (beginners) Fallow music Nadia JOLY Tuesday 7:30 pm-9pm Guitar Gauthier Merry Wednesday 10:30-17h45 Thursday 5.30 pm-8:30 pm HIP HOP Idowu FALAMI Thursday 5pm-6pm (children) 18h-19.30 (beginners) 19h3020h30 (initiated) Thursdays pleasure workshops relaxation and creation after work Thursday 18h-20h15 percussion children Dominique DULUC Thursday 18h-19h piano improv Philippe WALTER Tuesday 4:30-20:30 Saturday 11:30-12:30 piano Mathilde BERTHEAU-Sanded Wednesday 1:30 pm-20h15, Laetitia jug Friday 5pm-7pm Recycles the recovery workshop customization and creation of objects Tuesday 17h-20h saxophone Grat MARTINEZ Tuesday 5pm-7pm SOPHRO Reflexology Thursday 10am to 11am twice a month Family internships during school holidays and on weekend cello Frédéric DETROCH Tuesday 17:15-19h15 [/vc_column_text]



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25 rue Édouard de Pontet 33250 Pauillac

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Tuesday AI Thursday: 10am-1pm and 2pm-7pm Monday and Friday: by appointment


The average annual cost of a solo activity for a half hour is €552 per year. The amount of the contribution to the workshops takes account of the member's place of residence: Pauillac, community of communes of the Médoc Centre and outside CDC. Payment can be made in a maximum of 10 times. The cheques will be charged on the 10th of each month. The "family or multi-activity" reduction is possible if:

  • Several members of the same family participate in paid activities.
  • A practical member 2 activities and more paying.
  • The most expensive activity is 100%; The following (s) benefit from the reduction.

Other information

CIF access to rights Thursday 2pm-4.30 pm, odd weeks and by appointment with Geraldine Tauzin at 06 11 86 66 61 Thematic: Parenthood, housing, insertion

Public writer Tuesday 11am-12:30 and Thursday 10.30 am-12.30 pm, without appointment individual interviews with Jean-Luc Belle Thematic: Read and reply to a letter, fill out a form or a file, spelling, write a document, legal advice. Absolute confidentiality, total respect for privacy. No judgment, no comment. Adolescents ' House Thursday 14h-17h, even weeks (excluding school holidays) for teenagers and young adults, aged between 11 and 25, alone or accompanied. Administrative, legal, family, personal matters, the feeling of not finding its place. It is an area of reception, listening, accompaniment, orientation, totally confidential, free and anonymous, specially designed for young people. The MDA offers you individual interviews, an open space, without prior permission from the parents. Access to health care on Tuesday 2pm-4.30 pm, odd weeks. The PASS provides medical and social care for people in need, but having difficulty accessing them, due to the lack of social protection, their living conditions, or their financial difficulties. They provide access to general or specialized medical consultations. It is necessary to make an appointment at the Lesparre clinic at 05 56 73 20 00. APAJH 1st Thursday morning of each month, by appointment with Aurore Chanteau. The Association for adults and young persons with disabilities promotes the dignity of people with disabilities by respecting their fundamental freedom.


Centre culturel Les Turrets-25 rue Edouard Pontet 33250 PAUILLAC-FRANCE Telephone: 05 56 59 07 56 E-mail: infocom.tourelles@orange.fr https://www.tourelles-pauillac.fr

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