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Merchants Directory

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You are a business, a service, a lodging, a restaurant… in Pauillac and want to appear on the website?

Contact us by sending an email to the House of tourism and wine with the name of your establishment, its activity, its timetable, and any information you deem necessary.


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The Association of Traders and Artisans of Pauillac (ACAP) was born under the impetus of several traders determined to defend the local trade and crafts in Pauillac. The ACAP is now the unifying Association for all traders and artisans who wish to join a strong project to boost trade and support all the actions carried out during the year.

You are a trader, a craftsman, and want to integrate the ACAP? Contact the Association by clicking on the button below.


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Activity Area

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The area of activity of Trompeloup

The area of activity of Trompeloup welcomes about 20 companies. An extension of the area is currently in project.

[/vc_column_text] [Vc_empty_space] [/vc_column] [/vc_row] [Vc_row row_content_width = "Grid"] [Vc_column css_animation = "none" width = "1/3"] [Eltdf_accordion style = "Toggle"] [Eltdf_accordion_tab Title_tag = "H2" title = "Localization"] [Vc_column_text] Commune: Pauillac community of communes: CDC MÉDOC COEUR de PRESQU'ILE. Canton: PAUILLAC Country: Médoc [/vc_column_text] [/eltdf_accordion_tab] [Eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag = "H2" title = "General"] [Vc_column_text] Status: intercommunal Vocation: Mixed total number of lots included in the activity area: 25 [/vc_ Column_text] [/eltdf_accordion_tab] [Eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag = "H2" title = "Éxonérations fiscal"] [Vc_column_text] tax exemption for creation: Yes tax exemption has the extension: no tax exemption for recovery: Yes other Tax exemptions: Yes [/vc_column_text] [/eltdf_accordion_tab] [Eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag = "H2" title = "Urban Planning constraints"] [Vc_column_text] Destination of the land as provided for by the PLU: UX easement grévant the land: Yes [/vc_ Column_text] [/eltdf_accordion_tab] [/eltdf_accordion] [/vc_column] [Vc_column width = "1/3"]

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<"H2" class="eltdf-title-holder"> "Accessibility
[Vc_column_text] accessibility of the area through the bus: Yes access time to the nearest bus stop In MN: 5 accessibility of the area through the tram: no time to access the nearest tram stop in MN: No nearest railway station: Pauillac station access time to the nearest railway station in MN: 4 accessibility of the area through an aerodrome : Saint-Laurent Aerodrome Médoc access time to the nearest aerodrome in MN: 24 access time to the airport of Mérignac in MN: 60 nearest Road: D2 access time to the nearest road in MN: 2 motorway accessibility (the number of the most PR interchange Oche and the name of the motorway: Ring Exchanger 7 access time to the nearest highway interchange: 53 min [/vc_column_text]
[Eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag = "H2" title = "Services"] [Vc_column_text] presence of potential Restoration: By on site, but in the centre of Pauillac at 3 min presence of crèche: Yes, in the centre of Pauillac [/vc_column_text] [/eltdf_accordion_tab] [Eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag = "H2" title = "Equipments: roads and various networks, utilities Servicemen or near the land "]

existing or possible rail branching: possible domestic water system public road area equipped with gas: No area equipped with electricity: Yes presence of a transformer station: Yes Access to broadband Internet: Yes ADSL presence of a sanitation: yes

[/eltdf_accordion_tab] [Eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag = "H2" title = "Soil and subsoil characteristics"] [Vc_column_text] Special foundations Necessary: Yes Innondabilité: Partial fill needed: No deforestation needed: no [/vc_column_text] [/eltdf_accordion_tab]
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